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Here is the meetings schedule for 2022:
July 21st at Veteran Grange
September 15 at Veteran Grange
November 3rd at Veteran Town Hall (this meeting is being held early due to our Craft / Vendor Fair on the 12th)

November 12th 

Town of Veteran Historical Society
Meeting Minutes
19 May 2022

Date: Thursday May 19, 2022   

Present: (11) Shirley Lant, Anita Hesser, JoAnn Ripley, Ray Benjamin, Gloria Campbell, Tim & Anne
Rodabaugh, Gloria Campbell, Tami Mallare, Lonny & Mary Johnson 
Members Joining (5); Doug & Carol May, David, Gene & Joyce Stow; renewing (2) their dues: 
Reading of the last meeting minutes: motion to adopt made by Tim Rodabaugh, 2nd by Anita Hesser
A quorum was established - meeting began at 7:00 p.m., held at Veteran Town Hall
Treasurer's report: Unofficial report.  Balance in checking accounty per statement is $21, 391.08.  
New Business: 

1) Shirley reported for the membership committee: new members are Doug & Carol Maye and 

the Stow family (Dave, Gene & Joyce).   


2) Gloria reported for the Cemetery committee.  Marlene has stepped down as our Cemetery chair

due to other obligations.  Matt Cummings will continue to take care of Greene Bentley,

Crandall & Turner cemeteries.  Gloria made a motion to increase what we pay Matt from

$125.00 to $150.00 for each time he mows these cemeteries due to a rise in the cost of

fuel.  This was approved.  Hunter Keller who was mowing the Parsons cemetery is out

the business due to the cost of fuel.  Gloria spoke with two other individuals about taking

Parsons over but they declined.  Tami mentioned that her son mows & will speak with him. 

We talked about the head stone sponsoring project which we do want to proceed with. 

We would like another person or two for the cemetery committee.  We would also like to

have some gas available here at the museum for trimming.   


 3) Joan O'Dell spoke on a project the DAR is undertaking.  It is for getting new markers for the

Revolutionary War Soldiers who are buried in Chemung County.  Tim will provide her

with a list of known Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in town of Veteran cemeteries.   


4) Tim spoke for the Building Committee.  The committee met in April to review a quote for the new

metal roof.  A contract was signed so we are on his project list.  An estimated start date is

projected for sometime in July.  Tim will check in to the process of getting the building on 

the historical registry.  Gloria mentioned the back stair case needing repair & modification to

the bathrooms.    


5) Tim spoke about the cnytuesday.com nominating format for the $2000.00 Grants we may get. 

These are done once month so it is important for us to continue to nominate the society. 

He also spoke about the DUNS & UEI (Unique Entity Identifyer) numbers. 

Work work will continue on this.   


6) Tim spoke on the newest additions to the societies holdings. 

Our holdings are growing & we do need to get them organized. 

Many thanks to all who have donated items to our society. 


7) Tim mentioned the need to coordinate efforts to remove the scrap wood

from the porticos that is in the garage adjacent to the town hall.  We also need

to bring two display cases up to the museum.  If some one with a truck is willing

to assist please let us know. 


8) Anita spoke on the Craft Fair scheduled for November 12th.  She was surprised at the response

she got when she sent the emails out.  She turned in $475.00 to Gloria for deposit in the bank.  Anita

told us it will cost $400.00 to rent the Legion so we are already ahead.  Prices for baked goods were

discussed & we will be adjusting our prices based on what others are doing.  This way we will make a 

profit.  Tami mentioned a Spaghetti dinner fund raiser.  This would be a take out only type of fund 

raiser.  The meals would be prepared here, picked up or delivered.  We would contact several businesses

to let them know.  Tami suggested a price of $8.00 for the meal which typically includes the Spaghetti, 

a small salad & a dessert.  More discussion to follow. 


9) Gloria shared that the Americal Legions Memorial Day salute here at the Grange will be Monday

May 30th promptly at 8:15 am.  The Legion is also doing a Chicken BBQ that day. 


10) Gloria mentioned an event "Women In Service" on Sunday June 12, 2022 from 11 am to 3 pm

at the Horseheads American Legion.  Her mother will be among those Honored & be presented a 

Quilt of Valor for her service during WWII.   


Speaker / Presenter: none scheduled for this meeting


Date / Time of next meeting: Thursday July 21, 2022 @ 7 pm at Veteran Grange Hall


Adjourment / motion & second: Motion to adjourn made by Ray Benjamin, 2nd by Anne Rodabaugh



Submitted by:  Shirley Lant


Transcribed to site: TR 











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